3 Celebrity Parents Rejecting the Pastel Hues

3 Celebrity Parents Rejecting the Pastel Hues

Here at Momma Makes, we think that dressing our babies and children in pink frills and blue buttons isn’t always necessary. In 2017, times are changing in many ways altering many things, including how we dress. This affects our little ones too. We’re not the only parents that think like this and there are many other celebrity Mommas out there that are flying the stylish flag for forward-thinking, functional and contemporary children’s apparel too.

Before you conform to expectations that parents must pick gender specific colours, here are three celebrity parents that reject the pastel hues to inspire your children’s wardrobe.


Fearne Cotton, Honey and Rex



Married to rock ‘n’ roll royalty, we can’t help but love Fearne Cotton’s attitude to life. Judging by her Instagram feed, she manages to juggle her hectic career with tonnes of amazing cooking, designing clothes, planning family days out and even writing various blogs and books! She is undoubtedly a style icon, loving rebellious, vintage styles and this fashion-forward approach is clearly seen on her children too. While Rex may be wearing blue, there are no pastel shades to be seen with only a bright, primary colour palette to showcase his trendy slogan tee. What’s more, his sister Honey seems to be mirroring his colour palette, both of them twinning together with pride.

Giovanna Fletcher, Buzz and Buddy



Giovanna Fletcher and Tom Fletcher (from McFly!) were childhood sweethearts and now, married with kids, they are showing the world exactly how parenthood should be done! We love Giovanna as she is taking motherhood by storm along with writing award winning books, blogging, vlogging and sharing her tips with the world. An avid supporter of independent kid’s clothing brands, Buddy is lucky enough to have his very own, hand-made personalised T-shirt thanks to one of her talented friends – we wonder if he would like a Momma Makes custom T-shirt too?

Susie Verrill and Milo



Well I have followed Susie since the beginning, she’s always supported independent brands and provided me with a hilarious view on parenting! How amazing does Milo look in his geometric romper? We’re constantly in awe of Milo’s wardrobe styled by Momma, Susie Verrill. Partner of Olympic gold medallist Greg Rutherford, she is also a professional writer, making her blog about her life as a ’20 something mum’ an addictive read for us fun loving Mommas who love small independent brands and candid parenting snippets. What’s more, she isn’t scared to talk about her nipples in public. Neither are we.


Which other celebrity parents do you think are doing Momma Life and Dad Life in style

? Let us know in the comments below!

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