Back To School

Back To School


Baby/toddler rucksack

Our rucksacks are the ideal item for your little one to gain independence and put all their school stuff in!

Yep… it’s that time of year again. That time when you hear a collective groan from children (and teachers) as those dreaded words are uttered. That time of year when every imaginative excuse crawls out of the woodwork as to why school cannot possible be attended, from ‘The teachers are having one of their Inset Days – they told us before we broke up’ to ‘My tummy hurts. And my legs. And my brain.’


But it needn’t be seen as a drag. Why not create a positive vibe through purchasing some of our items to add a bit of sparkle and individuality?


Here at Momma Makes, we have tried to create a range of ‘Back to School’ items that your child will wear and use with pride and be the envy of those around. Whether it be one of our cool rucksacks to lug all those books to school or a t-shirt, you can be sure it will add that extra spring in their step. And don’t forget, these can be personalised too so why waste time sewing those annoying name labels into bags when you can have your child’s name on the front?


And don’t forget yourself. One of our ‘Probably Tired’ t-shirts from our ‘Tired Mums’ range may be just the ticket to wear on that first school run and raise a few smiles at the school gates. And what about that much needed caffeine fix? With most coffee shops offering discount when using your own reusable cup, it seems a no brainer to be the proud owner of one of our very own caffeine transporters!


Whatever your tastes, have a browse or get in touch and we will do our best to transform that dreaded time into an eagerly anticipated one!


Pink personalised rucksack

Our vibrant pink mini rucksack, the ideal bag for school starters. 

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