2020 back to school tips for the Tired parent.


2020 Back to school doesn't need to be a nightmare.

So if you are anything like me, you might never be 100% on the mark with everything when it comes to organisation or timekeeping, although I did surpass myself in Edie's first 3 terms in foundation! (Only late a few times!) This year is certainly going to look a bit different.

Please do not take this as anything other than a parent trying to limit the morning and evening stress of new routines and keep my sh*t remotely cool!!                         












 I needed to write a list with the things that are going to help in the first few weeks and relieve the stress and anxiety about the 'new normal'.

  • Check your children's school guidelines. Every school is working to a whole host of guidelines and changes which will include a limit to the items children are allowed to bring Into school and school meals. 
  • Check the timings and school pick ups, every mum I have spoken to have had staggered times and entry points for their childs drop off and pick up. (I’m confused easily!)
  • Sh** loads of snacks for the moment they walk out of school. New term, 6 months off for most, late bedtimes and a ‘new normal’ to get used to, may make for some hangry and emotional children.
  • Prepare for some of the usual after school clubs and activities to be limited on numbers, cancelled or delayed. God bless the after school clubs that help us all out, nothing like a child free and peaceful trip around the supermarket after work! 
  • Please CHECK YOUR KIDS POCKETS BEFORE SCHOOL! My daughter likes to smuggle small soft toys, snacks, lip glosses and random stones and leaves she has found into her pockets.

Lastly: Don't forget your school run drink and you can get one of our Tired mums' club or Tired dads' club for just £6 using the code b2s until Sunday 6th September

Heres a list of some of the bits we couldn't do without, we'd love to hear about some of yours so please feel free to comment and leave some links 😀

H&M Lightweight Puffer Jacket

This is just £14.99 and comes in Navy or Pink in the girls section or Blue Marl, Dark Green or Orange in the boys section.

Its perfect for these cooler days before we have to get the big winter coats out. Click for Girls or Boys

Tired mums club Travel mug

Tired Mums' Club Travel Mug

From us to you: Who doesn't love a morning tea or coffee on the run. Keep it hot with our double walled travel mug. I've been using mine for smoothies recently so its good for keeping it cool too. Get one at half price (£6) using the code b2s. Also available for Dads Travel mugs too

Sanitiser Holder

Personalised Hand Sanitiser Bottle holder

This super stylish pouch from AnnetteRoseCo comes with a refillable bottle and the pouch can be personalised with initials, I like it so much I've got myself one too. These are just £5.95 from Etsy

Back to school Trainer

Adidas Trainers

If like the school where our little one goes they'll need to arrive in their PE kit and wear it for the whole day (they're trying to limit the amount of items being brought in to the school) so rather than canvas plimsoles we're going for some durable trainers. These are £18 from Sports Direct.

Clear PVC Pencil Case

Clear Pencil Case 

Another measure our school are taking is for the kids to use clear pencil cases (I have no idea why?). If other schools are doing the same I'd get one quick as these are only 50 pence and they could run out very fast

*Update* We've since found out this is so the teachers can easily point out what the student needs take out of the case without touching it

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