Myself and Scott, our very own ‘daddy cool’  have come to love browsing through Instagram (Mostly around 5am when Edie awakes us!) for trend inspiration, seeing how our customers are styling their Momma Makes hauls and looking for accounts we are interested in! While scrolling down our feed, we couldn’t help but notice that there is a new kind of blogger taking over our social media, the #dadsofinstagram. These fashion-forward fathers take pride in sharing their love for their children, the daily shit we have to deal with having kids, as well as the activities they get up to together!
Daddies to be – if you’re about to enter the world of parenthood or are new to this baby game, here are some accounts to follow that epitomize the phrase ‘Dad Life’


Gregory Stanton / @london_dad

With over 39,000 followers, we’re not the only ones interested in the adventures of Gregory Stanton and his family. Alongside caring for his two children and adorable dog, he’s a hard-hitting digital strategist, epitomizing the digital-native daddy. A fan of the monochrome style, his posts are as beautiful as his ‘gang/tribe/squad/fam/unit’. Inspiring us to explore the world with our little ones, and to do so in style.
Rogier / @the.suburbandad

Rogier is the original Dutch ‘Daddy Cool’, serving up an account that is 100% Dad Life realness! His family’s taste in interiors is incredible, with a large helping of geometric shapes and clean lines, all in those classic black and white tones that we love! With parents as stylish as theirs, we’re sure that Marely, Loïs and James are sure to grow up into go-getters and fashionistas too.

Daniel Addo / @goldmanblackz


Motivational speaker and a proud father of three, Daniel never fails to keep us entertained with his realistic accounts of Dad Life. When he’s not on the school run or making early morning orders of cheese sandwiches or building Roman villas on a Sunday, he’s planning his travel vlog, enjoying great meals with his wife. With each snap captioned with words of wisdom, we’re sure his kids are also given this same uplifting upbringing.

Obviously, we cant miss out on the other half of Mommamakes…
Scott / @daddymaker7

The adventures of daddy and Edie are often full of toddler tantrums, fun days out along with attempting to get her to model the Mommamakes collection. Scott loves to sport his dad life t-shirts whether he is out with edie, on the beach or at the pub!

We want dad bloggers!

These are just some of the #dadsofinstagram who are fully representing Dad Life, with many more to be discovered. Are you a daddy blogger? We want to see how you’re rocking the Dad Life style for our next blog!


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